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Grinding and deburring at the highest level

Steelmaster offers a wide range of high quality machines for sheet metal deburring, grinding and polishing.
Multi-head deburring and/or finishing machines can be configured to suit all your deburring needs.

Steelmaster, the no.1 manufacturer of Sheet Metal Deburring Machines, Grinding Machines, Polishing Machines, Slag Grinder Machines, Slag Removal Machines, Oxidation Removal Machines, and much more.
Whether you need: • High Gloss Polishing
• Satin / Mirror Finishing
• Decorative Finishing
• Rubber Grinding
• Deburring
• Oxidation Removal
• Slag Removal
Or processing of: • Printed Circuit Boards
• Stainless steel
• Copper
• Plasma cut parts
• Composite Materials
• Aluminum 
• Titanium
• Sheared parts
• Upformed Parts
• Mild steel
• laser cut parts
• Punched parts
sheet metal deburring whit out removing laser film
oxidation removal sheet metal slag grinding from plasma or flame cutting
surface finishing on stainless steel aluminum copper sheet metal

- We are confident that we can provide you with the right equipment for your application -


New prospects for STEELMASTER metal grinding machines with LISSMAC

Deburring an creating a nr 4 finish on stanless steel in just one pass is possible in the Steelmaster Wet griniding and deburring machine. Check out the SMW section of our website. 

Creating better a radius on the edges of your sheet metal parts by using the correct machine settings

Get more out of your grinding or deburring machine with a Steelmaster Training session! Ask our service or sales department for more information!

See the Steelmaster metal grinding machine in action. Watch the movie